Dried tea is used for curling. At this stage the leaves fibres are destroyed; the juices are intensively exuded and the process of fermentation begins. In addition, tea leaves obtain their final form and shape, which can be seen in "Ahmad Tea" tea cans and packages, which are sold in the shops all over the world. There are two basic methods of leaves’ processing: “Orthodox” and “C.T.C”.

When using the "Orthodox" method, leaves are curled in order to destroy the fibres in leaves. The highest attention is paid to the compliance of pressure level. Slightly lower pressure will not destroy the fibres, but too high pressure will break the leaves up.

“C.T.C” method (Cuts, Tears, Curl) provides a different approach. In this case, you use two rotating rollers. One roller rotates slightly faster than another. It results in the cutting, tearing and curling of the leaf in grain. “C.T.C” method is used only in manufacturing of strong teas with harsh taste and dark saturated colours.

After curling stage appears a necessity for “destroying of balls” - tea leaves, curled in the small balls, tend to stick together, forming the large balls. To prevent this, the tea is cooled and ventilated, which also makes the next fermentation more efficient.

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